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Wooo HooOOooo!  Tomorrow begins a two day site wide sale at Teachers Pay Teachers.  I love a good deal and I love to find rockin’ resources for my classroom.  I’ve already started filling my cart with some goodies!  Today I’m linking up with my pal Amy Abbott at Music a la Abbott to share some awesome resources that you may be interested in putting in your cyber cart.
First, one of my own.  In college I was a chorus member in our production of Amahl and the Night Visitors.  I loved the story and loved the music.  I’m not a big opera fan, but this story and the music really captured me.  I have found that this operetta is totally accessible to my 2nd-6th grade students.  When I taught 7th-12thgrades I used this with great success, but was hesitant when I decided to use it with 2nd graders while we learned about opera.  They loved it!
Okay...they giggled a bit and several times asked what was being sung, but it was DEFINITELY a positive response.
Amahl and the Night Visitors is an opera by Gian Carlo Menotti. This story is great for students of all ages and is a wonderful introduction to opera. I have taught K-12, K-8 and now K-6 so I designed this kit for the K-8 or K-12 music teacher so the activities span a large age range. This kit includes:

1. Viewing guide (questions and short answers) for upper grades. Easily usable through junior high. Answer key included. The questions focus on what is happening in the story rather than musical components (like duets, recitative, etc...).
2. Viewing guide for lower grades (draw the scenes).
3. Color sheet with a brief description of the opera.
4. Amahl and Me venn diagram.
5. Writing prompt for upper grades.
6. Writing/drawing prompt for lower grades.
7. About Amahl and the Night Visitors reading passage with questions (upper grades) with answer key.

I use this opera 2nd grade through 8th grade in December or January, but it can be used at any time of the year.  Get it here.
A rockin’ resource that I have had my eyes on for a while is David Row’s Favorite Carols Bundle.  This was actually designed as a set of bulletin boards, but I think I’m going to use it as an instructional presentation during December.  Each set contains some history on the piece, some fun facts and terminology and lyrics and notation.  I love that this wonderful product is going to engage my students and save me lots of time!

I’m also looking forward to purchasing Fromthe Pond’s Numbers 1 to 10 Numbers Worksheets.  This is actually a purchase that I will use at home.  My daughter is 3, but loves to do “work”.  I think this looks perfect for some counting fun.

The sale on Teachers Pay Teachers begins Monday, December 1st and runs through Tuesday, December 2nd.  Most items in my store will be 20% off.  Use the code TPTCYBER to save 10% on EVERYTHING.  Items marked at 20% off will be 20% off with the use of this code.  WOW!
Check out the Rockin’ Resources Linky Partyfor more resources to rock your classroom.
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