Music Crafts Your Mind -Celebrating MIOSM

March is Music in Our Schools Month!  Hurray!  It is my favorite teaching month of the year!  Each year I plan a bulletin board that students can contribute to.  One year it was a singing paper place person.  Hundreds of them filled the hallways.  Another year we created paper t-shirts and "hung out" in the hall.  This year, I've posted a Minecraft inspired bulletin board called "Music Crafts Your Mind".
My favorite part of this bulletin board is the student portion.  I used blank templates for little blockhead avatars.  They customized them and then added speech bubbles with music positive messages.  Take a look at some from the first batch I posted.
The kids loved contributing in this fun way and it has already stopped traffic in the hallways as students and teachers pause to take a look at the Music In Our Schools Month messages.
You can get this bulletin board HERE.
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